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HowTo download pkipplib

by Jerome Alet last modified 2008-06-02 11:05

This page describes the different ways you can obtain the pkipplib Python library

Latest stable release :

The latest stable release of pkipplib is available from there.
You can install it by typing the following comands :

$ cd /tmp
$ tar -zxf pkipplib-x.yy.tar.gz
$ cd pkipplib-x.yy
$ python install

NB : for the installation script to work, you have to ensure that both python and python-dev or python-devel packages are installed first.

Latest development release :

The latest development version for pkipplib is always available from subversion. You can download and install it by typing the following commands :

$ cd /tmp
$ svn co pkipplib
$ cd pkipplib
$ python install

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