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autopykota is a tool which can be used to automate the addition of users to PyKota's database when they print for the very first time.

You must not use autopykota from the command line, but instead you have to launch it from the policy directive in pykota.conf.

autopykota can only be used if you want to limit your users by the number of credits available in their printing account (similar to pkusers --limitby balance).

An example configuration setting to automate the creation of printing accounts with an initial balance of 25 credits is policy: external(/usr/bin/autopykota --initbalance 25.0)

Such a statement has to be put into pykota.conf, and then just forget it. Whenever an user who has no printing account will print for the very first time, his account will be created automatically and he will be given 25.0 credits.

If you want to limit your users by page quotas for example, then you must not use autopykota

An equivalent policy directive without using autopykota would be : policy: external(/usr/bin/pkusers --add --skipexisting --limitby balance --balance 25.0 $PYKOTAUSERNAME && /usr/bin/edpykota --add --skipexisting --printer $PYKOTAPRINTERNAME $PYKOTAUSERNAME)

As you can see, autopykota's command line is much easier to remember.

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