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Notes on deploying and using the PyKota backend (server-side) and PyKotIcon notification system (client-side) on Mac OS X.

Getting this section going...

by — 2006-11-16 23:42

I am currently trying to pull together all of the pieces to deploy PyKota in my lab(s), and have been running into a number of issues. A focused discussion should help all of us running a Mac OS X shop get up and running quicker and more reliably.

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One way to create your own custom *.ico files

Using a few fairly common utilities, one can create custom icon files to use with PyKotIcon. This method uses the command line.

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The complementary icon file to pykoticon-green.ico. Should look like the PNG representation seen here:

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This is an example of a final *.ico file created using the example in the "One way to create your own custom *.ico files" article. Feel free to use it however you like. It should look like the one represented by this PNG version:

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