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pkmail is an email interface for PyKota.

Currenty, pkmail can be used by end users to retrieve their print quota information by email.

pkmail can't be used from the command line, except if you want to ask it for its version number or its help.

You have to configure pkmail to be launched from your mail server's /etc/aliases file, for example by adding a line like this myquota: "|/usr/bin/pkmail" to it.

Then tell your mail server that your aliases database has changed by launching the newaliases command, and your end users can retrieve their print quota information by sending an email to myquota@yourserver with report john in the mail's Subject (if the user is named john).

IMPORTANT : By default this may not work because the permissions of ~pykota/pykota.conf and ~pykota/pykotadmin.conf don't allow your mail server to read them. Either change the permissions or put the user your SMTP server runs as in the pykota group, but please consult your mail server's documentation to see any pros and cons of doing so.

In the future, pkmail will have additionnal functionnalities.

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