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pkprinters is the command line tool used to manage printers and printers groups in PyKota's DataBase?.

Functionnalities :

  • --add (or -a) : Create printers.
  • --delete (or -d) : Delete printers.
  • --list (or -l) : List printers.
  • --description (or -D) : Change the textual description of some printers.
  • --charge (or -c) : Change the price per page and optionally per job of some printers.
  • --groups (or -g) : Manage printers groups (add to with --add, remove from with --remove).
  • --remove (or -r) : Remove printers from printer groups (may only be used with --groups).
  • --maxjobsize (or m) : Sets the maximum number of pages accepted in a single job on some printers.
  • --passthrough (or -p) : Puts some printers into passthrough mode. In this mode, users are not charged and their quota is not impacted when they print on such printers.
  • --nopassthrough (or -n) : Puts some printers into normal mode, i.e. NO passthrough. This is the default.

Printers' names can be passed as non-option arguments at the end of the command line. Wildcard characters like ? and * are accepted when --add is not used. When no printer name is passed on the command line, the * wildcard is assumed, which means all printers, unless --add or --delete is used.

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