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PostgreSQL is an Object Relational DataBase? Management System.

It is Free Software available from

It is thought that all PostgreSQL releases higher than 7.0 work fine with PyKota.

Usually PostgreSQL's default configuration is not optimal, but works even on small machines.

To achieve better performance, you'll want to modify some settings. For example, here's what I've put in my postgresql.conf file on my Dual-PIII 1Ghz machine with 1 Gb RAM with PostgreSQL 7.4.x :

  • shared_buffers=16384
  • sort_mem=131072
  • vacuum_mem=131072
  • effective_cache_size=32768
  • log_statement=false

IMPORTANT : Don't try to modify these settings if you don't understand what they do. Please give a look at and for more details.

Finally, if you've got several thousand users which you plan to delete in a single shot, increasing the max_expr_depth value (PostgreSQL 7.x) or the max_stack_depth value (with 8.x) may be required.

And don't forget : whenever you modify PostgreSQL's configuration files, you have to restart PostgreSQL.

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