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warnpykota is to be used when you want to warn users who have reached their print quota, in order for them to fix the problem by purchasing more print credits for example. You'll usually want to launch warnpykota regularly, like once a month, from a crontab.

Since quota checking is also done when printing, and users are warned if they need to be, using warnpykota is not mandatory at all. You can consider warnpykota as an helper to send regular friendly reminders to your end users.

When an user who is not a PyKota administrator launches this command, only him can receive a warning message. He can specify a printer name's filter to check his quota only on specific printers. If a normal user uses the --groups command line argument, then for each group he is a member of in PyKota's DataBase?, each group member may receive a warning message. You can take care of this if this becomes annoying by forbidding normal users to launch the warnpykota command.

Functionnalities :

  • --users (or -u) : Checks and warns users' quotas. This command line switch is entirely optional since it is the default behavior anyway.
  • --groups (or -g) : Checks and warns groups' quotas.
  • --printer (or -P) : Only checks quotas set on some printers. You can pass one or several printers' names or wildcards as this option's arguments (separate several names with commas).

Only PyKota administrators can pass users or groups names as non-option arguments at the end of the command line, to restrict quota checking to only the specified users or groups. As usual, wildcards are accepted.

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