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HowTo download pkpgcounter

by Jerome Alet last modified 2008-06-02 11:06

This page describes the different ways you can obtain pkpgcounter.

The latest development version for pkpgcounter is always available from subversion. You can download and install it by typing the following commands :
$ cd /tmp
$ svn co pkpgcounter
$ cd pkpgcounter
$ python install

The latest stable release of pkpgcounter is available here as a tarball.
You can install it by typing the following comands :

$ cd /tmp
$ tar -zxf pkpgcounter-x.yy.tar.gz
$ cd pkpgcounter-x.yy
$ python install

NB : for the installation script to work, you have to ensure that both python and python-dev or python-devel packages are installed first.

Finally, since August 2007, pkpgcounter is also available directly from your usual Debian repositories, thanks to the work done by Kumar Appaiah :

$ apt-get update
$ apt-get install pkpgcounter

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