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HowTo download Tea4CUPS

by Jerome Alet last modified 2013-10-23 23:58

This page describes the different ways you can obtain Tea4CUPS.

Latest stable release

You can install the latest stable release by doing the following :

  • Extract the archive with gunzip and tar.
  • Modify tea4cups.conf to suit your needs.
  • Copy tea4cups.conf into CUPS' configuration directory, usually /etc/cups/
  • Copy tea4cups into CUPS' backends directory, usually /usr/lib/cups/backend/
  • IMPORTANT : if you use CUPS v1.2 or higher, ensure that /usr/lib/cups/backend/tea4cups is owned by user root and group root, and executable by user root only (chmod 700).
  • Restart CUPS in order for it to detect the availability of Tea4CUPS.
  • From CUPS' web interface, create "Tea4CUPS Managed" print queues.
  • That's all !

Latest development release

The latest development version of Tea4CUPS is always available from subversion. You can download it by typing the following commands :

$ cd /tmp
$ svn co tea4cups
$ cd tea4cups
Then proceed as described in the section above to do the installation.

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