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List of dependencies to be satisfied before installing PyKota :

Mandatory dependencies :

  • CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) v1.3.4 or higher. NB : PyKota releases up to and including 1.26 support CUPS v1.1.14 or higher.
  • Python language interpreter, v2.4 or higher.
  • pkpgcounter v1.56 or higher.
  • pkipplib.
  • mxDateTime
  • Python-SNMP v3.4.2 to v3.4.4, or v4.x or higher.
  • Python-PygreSQL only if you want to use PostgreSQL as the database backend. Then you'll also need a PostgreSQL database server available.
  • Python-LDAP only if you want to use OpenLDAP as the database backend (may also work with other LDAP servers). Then you'll also need an OpenLDAP (or other) server available.
  • Python-SQLite v2.0.5 or higher only if you want to use SQLite as the database backend. Then of course you'll also need SQLite v3.2.7 or higher.
  • Python-MySQL v1.2.x or higher only if you want to use MySQL as the database backend. Then of course you'll also need MySQL v4.1 or higher (5.x is recommended).

Recommended dependencies :

Not installing some of the dependencies below may render some non-vital parts of PyKota unuseable.

You can obtain the latest source release for all these dependencies through the purchase of a support contract from This way you'll receive these sources on a CDROM, along with PyKota's latest paper documentation, and you'll be given a Free subscription to PyKota Official Packages and MegaPacks.

You can also buy a subscription only, without a support contract, from


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