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pkpgcounter v1.84 is out with computation of ink coverage

by Jerome Alet last modified 2006-08-28 01:33

This news item announces the availability of pkpgcounter v1.84

pkpgcounter v1.84 is out !

Summary of changes :

  • Computation of ink coverage is now supported. For each page, the percent of coverage for each ink can be computed in one of four different colorspaces. This computation can currently be done for the following file formats : PostScript, PDF, PCL3/4/5, PCLXL, DVI and TIFF (some TIFF documents don't work yet though).

See pkpgcounter --help for details and examples.


To use this new feature, you need to ensure that the following software are installed :
  • GhostScript : used for ALL file formats
  • Python Imaging Library : used for ALL file formats
  • GhostPCL : only required for the PCL3/4/5 and PCLXL file formats
  • LaTeX, and in particular the dvips command : only required for the DVI file format

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