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PyKota v1.25 Official is (finally) out !

by Jerome Alet last modified 2006-12-03 23:57

This news item documents the availability of PyKota v1.25 Official.

PyKota v1.25 Official is out !

After more than six months of work, PyKota v1.25 Official is finally out. The most important new feature is support for the accounting of ink usage, although most of the work took place in the several releases of pkpgcounter published since this past summer.

Summary of changes :

  • Support for the accounting of ink usage through the introduction of the 'ink(colorspace, resolution)' value for the 'preaccounter' and 'accounter' directives in pykota.conf
  • Locking mechanism rewritten to allow several print servers, or several print queues on the same server to access to the very same printer device without disturbing hardware accouting.
  • Introduced the pkrefund command line tool to refund jobs.
  • Modified the pkinvoice command line tool so that it accepts advanced filtering just like dumpykota and pkrefund.
  • Modified the pkusers command to accept a --email parametrized command line option.
  • Modified the pkprinters command line too to accept the --cups command line option, allowing transparent redirections of CUPS' print queues through (and from) PyKota.
  • Modified the pknotify command line tool to accept a --noremote command line option which controls if the jobs should proceed or be denied whenever there's no PyKotIcon running on the client host.
  • Introduced the 'askconfirmation' directive to ask for confirmation to the end user through pknotify+PyKotIcon.
  • Introduced the 'noprintingmaxdelay' directive to control the timeout used when faulty SNMP printers are used.
  • Several bug fixes all over the place.

Download :

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