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PyKota is a Print Quota and Accounting software, written in the Python language, and licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License of the Free Software Foundation

PyKota currently supports CUPS Print Servers, although older releases also supported LPRng

PyKota's website is

PyKota is currently distributed in two different ways :

  • You can download it using subversion (aka svn), by typing the following command :

    svn co pykota

  • Or you can download any new Official version of PyKota and related software as tar+gzip, and sometimes Debian, Ubuntu or RPM packages.

In any case, before installing this software you may want to give a look at the Dependencies

PyKota is made of :

Documentation :

  • PyKota's reference documentation is there
  • PyKota's offline documentation is included in SGML source form (DocBook DTD) in all releases of PyKota. You can compile it into other formats using the appropriate commands.
  • PDF and HTML versions are only included in OfficialPackages.
  • There's an online FAQ available as well.
  • HowTo lists all PyKota related HOWTOs



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